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Plan, Manage and Grow: Why Good Financial ManagementMatters in Business

All businesses run on objectives. Whether long-term or short-term, most managers are looking past the travails of day to day revenues and expense towards the possibilities that lie in your industry waiting to be exploited. Whether it’s a new product, an expansion into a new market or simply consolidation and growth ensuring the achievement of your corporate objectives requires sound financial management and planning.

While most organizations will employ a team to take care of their bookkeeping and internal auditing requirements, oftentimes it takes an outside perspective to determine how your company is doing, what drives its revenues and losses and where it can be improved. This is where Advanced Recovery Consultants takes over, whether long-term or short-term, we provide dedicated expertise for your company’s financial management.

Cut Costs and Reap the Profits

To secure necessary profits for your long-term objectives, it’s often day-to-day cash cycles that require change. While many of the costs related to your suppliers and down market retailers may be unavoidable, Advanced Recovery Consultants looks to streamline and optimize wherever possible. By identifying areas of overspending, good financial management can help your organization achieve greater revenues through adjustment of areas as overlooked as the monthly electricity, to revamping your policy for accounts receivables to achieve earlier payment.

Raising Capital

One of the most difficult decisions to make for any organization big or small, is how to structure its capital. If it’s through the procurement of long-term debt, then where to go to secure those funds? If an issue of shares is possible, then how much will ensure the retention of control without dilution?

Advanced Recovery Consultants is a firm that specializes in understanding the risk profile and priorities of your business. Through our knowledge of capital markets, we can help you make the best decisions on trading your shares or debentures, or when deciding to invest your cash in other ventures.

We also help you ensure that your financing options adequately cover your asset requirements, and provide valuable advice and expertise when it comes to securing new finance. By helping your board discuss and identify budgeting needs, we can keep your company on track to meet any payment needs.

Tax Planning

Advanced Recovery Consultants is not an accountancy firm, but its experience with corporate consultancy gives it a unique perspective on understanding the cash planning required for the quarterly payment cycle. By helping your organization make smart asset management decisions relating to new investments and pending sales, we can help maximize write-offs and deductions while minimizing the effects of coming charges.

Working for your Shareholders

By working with your management to optimize daily cash flow, budget for long-term requirements and maximize profits available for distribution and reinvestment Advanced Recovery Consultants can create benefits that work across your organization. We pride ourselves on helping companies guarantee an upward trend in salaries, benefits and dividends that outlasts any economic instability going on today by securing your future for tomorrow.

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